GEO Flower Brown

You know what’s an awesome feeling? Getting mail. Unless it’s bills, mail is probably the bestttt! Especially when you get packages, so when I got these lenses from mukuChu, I was super duper happy! Anyway, I think these are my first lenses that have […]

Oriental Teahouse Giveaway

Hello hello wonderful bloggers ♥ Firstly, thank you for all your kind posts on the previous post! I will attempt to draw more hehe. Anyway, I have another wonderful tea to taste from the wonderful Oriental Teahouse! This time around it’s a refreshing herbal tea named […]

Blogger’s Life

Being a blogger isn’t easy as most people think it is. Some people would think that a day in a blogger’s life would just include a few photos being taken, type up a quick post and ta~da! But alas, I am sure most of us can agree that […]