Review: I.Fairy Casper Green

A few days ago I received some beautiful lenses from UNIQSO! Apart from selling contact lenses on their online store, you can also find some make up and nail accessories. From my small experience with them, they are extremely kind and reply to emails promptly! They also send their lenses in a cute […]

Mini Bloggers Breakfast

The other morning, I met up with bloggers Sue and Evon for breakfast! Sophie was supposed to come to but had an unexpected class in the morning :(

I guess I have to admit that I’ve never actually had breakfast out before (unless you mean a Maccas […]

Outfit: Aurora Skye

As many of you girls know, I am an avid Black Milk fan! So, when they had their Hot Little Bosses 2 release, I grabbed a few pieces ..including their re-release of the Aurora Skye Leggings! I was hesitant on getting these for awhile, thinking they might look a little ..odd on me, […]