AGM: Retro Gamer Outfit

At this moment, I have three Black Milk pieces ..although after Thursday… *cough These are Retro Gamers and although I wasn’t sure if I’d like them initially, when they arrived .. I was so over the moon!

Little Nyonya Docklands

Hello hello! How has everyone been doing? Some time ago, I bought a Groupon Voucher for $89 (~$273.60 in value) to a Six-Course Malaysian Chinese for Four Meal at ‘Little Nyonya’ which is situated in Docklands! So last Saturday, after I finished work, I finally […]

Melbourne Bloggers Yum Cha

Hello lovely people~ It’s been the Easter break for the past week, and it’s been so good to procrastinaterelax! Anyway, Vu and I ventured in to the CBD yesterday to meet a couple of lovely Melbourne bloggers! Out of the 7 other bloggers that came, I had […]