Supporting Rural Education in China

Hello gorgeous readers! Today, I’ve got a special guest blog post by one of my bestest friends, Irene! You may have seen her in a few of my posts (most recently when we were being ‘fancy in Ikea’) and she has just recently started up an awesome […]

My long long hair~

Hihi everyone (●´・ω・)ノ ! How has everyone been? I have been quite good; albeit a little stressed – still happy and good!

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick post […]

Random Snapshots

Um, Helloooo everyone! *_* Uni started again this week so I’ve been a little busy to post but nevertheless, I shall aim to post at least once a week! But yeah, I haven’t done much apart from going to Uni, hanging out with Vu and eating food ..oh and, […]