Run deep. Run wild.

Hello awesome people ! ♥
So, I can’t believe that January is nearing its end! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was talking about the New Year *_*? Eep. In any case, time flies past and soon enough, it’ll be 2013 (or the end of the world) ! But yeah, I haven’t really done much since the last post! It’s been super hot, so all I’ve really done is sit in the a/c room and escape the heat. Work also started again yesterday, and because of that ..I have about 10 mozi bites on my legs and arms gahhh! ;A;

So yeah, I did dress up like a cat one night for no reason.
Well, actually the reasoning behind it does exist. It’s somewhat related to me thinking back to Year 12 and then remembering that I dressed up as a cat for one of those dress up day things. And then thinking that I looked like a douche back then and seeing if I could somehow redo it to make it seem less douchey. I don’t think it worked hehe.

Anyway, this seems to have been a pointless post.
So, I’ll leave you with a song I quite like listening to! (Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers) ♥

Oh, also, leave me your blog addresses (if I don’t know them already)!
I want to explore some new blogs ^-^!

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