My life in snapshots

Ahoy ahoy! So, Christmas is so very close, which is the reason why I’ve been so busy lately.
I’ve been out and about buying gifts, writing Christmas cards and spending some quality time with the family (and Vu!) so I haven’t really taken much photos in the past few days. Even though I have been doing things …I’ve been a bit lazy to whip out the camera. So yes, this will just be a snapshots post of photos that vary from up to five weeks ago! :)

Photos taken with: Olympus E-PL1 ♥

Younger brother and I being absolute spastics whilst taking a sibling photo for dad (21/12)

My attempt at chocolate pudding! (t'was yummy..especially with whipped cream *_*) (12/12)

I made this "shelf" out of Marc Jacobs Daisy & Vera Wang Rock Princess for my mini food!

Churros with caramel and milk chocolate dipping sauce /with Vu! (25/11)

Awesome shoes bought at The ICONIC ! (refer to prev post) (21/12)

Trying out a collar (old school shirt) underneath my sweater (1/12)

Happy Beans gifted by the sweetest boyfriend ! (14/12)

Soft shell bento from Circuz at Vu’s 21st birthday! (9/12)

And that is all for now! Vu is giving me a Christmas present tomorrow so I’m super duper excited as to what it can be! Since he’s been hyping it up for like ..the entire week. So it better be good! (Hah jokes :P) But yes, I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas and hoping that everyone’s having an awesome time!

Has everyone finished their Christmas Shopping?


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