Introducing: The Iconic

Hello gorgeous and wonderful people ~ ♥
I hope that everyone is well, and is excited that  Christmas is just around the corner ! I sure amm!!

Today, I would like to introduce you all to this awesome new  online fashion & footwear store, The ICONIC!
What’s also pretty awesome about this store is that fashion expert and former Project Runway Australian Judge, Sarah Gale will be guiding the site; offering trend reports, style tips and a lot more information on how to create the best trends!

(1) Nicola Finetti Mesh Lace Dress, (2) Snake Print Midi Skirt , (3) At the Hop Dress

Anyway, as you can see, they offer Free Shipping across Australia; and also a 3 hour express delivery service for all residents within the Sydney metropolitan area! (which is fast and makes me kind of wish I lived in Sydney now haha!)
But yes, what I really like about this site is the amount of contemporary lines offered (ie. Ellery, Shakuhachi, Senso etc) and that it isn’t only clothes that they sell – there’s also shoes, sunglasses, bags, wallets and more! (and a men’s section).

(1) 50’s Sleeveless Shirt, (2) Gatsby Tux Jacket , (3) Lace Lady Shirt

I’m definitely excited to get a few pieces from here, and will definitely blog about it as soon as they arrive ♥
But yes, here are a few of items that definitely attract to me and I really hoping that I can save up so I can get them!

(1) Magic Dance Playsuit, (2) Skater Mini Skirt, (3) Ming Tao Dress

Also, it seems that if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive a $10 voucher! So check it out now HERE!

♥ ♥ ♥
What are your favourite items from their store?

Also, I’ll be doing a Q&A vlog soon so shoot me some questions in the comments/formspring! :D

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