The Birthday Haul ~ ♥

Hello gorgeous and wonderful people ~ ♥ Sorry for not posting that much, I’m currently in the midst of my exams (1 down 4 to go!) so I’m slightly – if not very – busy with attempting to study and ..well yeah. But I finish exams on the 9th […]

Rainbow Birthday!

Fuwaaahh~! This is a really late post (about 3 weeks late) about my birthday celebration! So, in light of my recent 20th birthday, I had a birthday outing with some friends from Uni about three weeks ago in the mid-semester break. A few friends and I went to eat […]

BnT Barbie Dress

Remember Button N Thread Boutique? Well let’s just say they are the best! A few weeks ago, they sent me a beautiful dress that I’ve actually been eyeing since the moment I found out about their shop! So behold, this absolutely gorgeous grey “Barbie Dress” from Button N […]