Bottom Lashes

This is a super duper late post that I should’ve done ages ago but ended up pushing it back too much! Anyway, Maggie from KkCenterHK sent me these bottom lashes awhile ago, and I’ve only ever tried one other pair of bottom lashes which were also from KkCenterHK. I remember not really liking […]

Birthday Blogger Picnic

Yesterday, I spent a lovely Spring afternoon with a few bloggers for an early 20th Birthday Picnic! ♥ The day started in a bit of a rush as I had woken up at 9.30am – the time I was supposed to be at the train station – luckily (or not so) Vu had […]


This is just a really quick post to say that I’ve created a Facebook event with details of the birthday blogger thing! So if you want to come, and you’re not on my Facebook list, list your email and I’ll invite you via that!

Anyway, I’ve had a […]