School Competition Photoshoot~

I actually think nearly most of you would have seen the reason why I wore the blonde wig haha.
Well, if you didn’t know, I was doing my own little “Back to School” photoshoot for my competition. And I kind of based it slightly off Japanese anime uniform (so lightly off Shiemi from Ao no Exorcist) ! But yep, I’ve decided to use the photos as a form of promotional poster/photo (?) for the competition!

Anyway if you haven’t already, go check out My Facebook Page and please “Like your favourite picture(s) ^_^”! ♥
The person who gets the most “Likes” will win a prize ~! Yeyyy. And to be fair, another person chosen based on their creativity, photograph and perception of “school” will win another prize ! Woo~ Ahaha. So far it would seem that the girls are losing out to a (cross-dressing) guy! So go Like away if you want your favourite blogger to win n_n !
Anyway, as you can see, I dressed up for this occasion too *_*!

(Side note: The middle photo is me holding my iPhone with it’s new iPhone case ^_^”! Kutusita nyanko~)
Anyway, yeah this is what I put together as a “school girl” although I don’t think there’s any schools in Australia that have this type of uniform (/sad) I really wish they did! I would be so happy to wear uniform everyday if they had this type of uniform ahah.  *_* !   But yeah~ I was quite happy with the outcome.

Skirt (Really old Jay Jays) Knee High Socks (Gift) Bag (PG Mall) Cardigan (Valley Girl) White Shirt (Target?) Bow (From Vocaloid Sandplay Cosplay) Wig (eBay) Headband (Equip?)
But yeah, I kind of just threw that outfit together randomly. I had just bought that cardigan on Friday cos I really really liked it *_*! And saw potential in it tehehe. And I just based everything else from that~ I wanted to wear white socks – which you can’t see anyway – but I realised I threw all of mine out OTL. So they were black.

Anyway, I hope everyone goes and vote for their favourite bloggers!
See their awesome interpretations of school boy / girls ^___^”!

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you have uniform for school ?

Click [HERE] for to be directed to the Competition Photos!

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