Keep Your Chin Up!

If you’ve been following me on twitter, you might’ve noticed that I haven’t been the happiest lately.
I won’t dwell on to why that is the case, but I guess this post is dedicated to every single one of you out there who may be feeling down at the moment. I know the feeling. And this is just to remind you that you are not alone.

Even after the darkest night, morning will always come.

This is something that I continue to remind myself every time something brings me down. And we have to remember that this world is filled with balance. Day and Night. Water and Fire. Earth and Sky. And I believe it is the same for the things that happen to us. For every sad thing that happens; something good will too.

So even though it feels like nothing is going right at the moment. And even though it feels like no matter how hard you try, those tears just wont stop. Remember that this won’t be forever. And hold on just for awhile more and things will get better. Just don’t shut your eyes, because you’ll never know when morning comes if you do.

And not to mention, if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always email me: melludee[at]
Sometimes, talking to a stranger works wonders

♥ ♥ ♥
Tell me something on your mind

Mine is the above and I really do live by it.
Thank you to every single person that asked if I was alright on twitter ! I love you all. And I miss the blogosphere so so so sooo much. Everyone, please expect to see a letter or a package from me sometime in the near future!

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  • melludee

    Ahuh <3
    Let's pray for a brighter and better future for us all! I love you~

  • aww ♥ stay happy melody! :) :) :)

  • I have been so MIA from the internet for the past few days. I didn’t get to catch up to see how all my buddies are. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. I was sad recently too, and I thank you for talking to me. I a here if you ever need someone to talk to ♥
    Hmm something on my mind. I’m actually glad that nothing is atm~ Free from stress.

    Enjoy watching Madeline now :)
    And I hope you continue to soldier on to be happy!
    Lotsssa love, Gerry.

    • melludee

      Aww, it’s okayyy. I’ve been MIA lately too ! I miss talking to you heapsss <3
      And thanks for that Gerrryyy, I think I should write you an email or something soon heh. Just because I miss you that much <3

  • Even after the darkest night, morning will always come.
    such a nice quote..

    stay strong melludee
    and always cheer up…

  • aww cheer up :) and FIGHTING :D
    i’m procrastinating over my viscom folio :\

  • Oh no…Dont know what you’re going through but glad that you are staying strong through this. Smile sweetie!! xxx

  • cheer up :) ur so nice for offering ur time to help/speak to other aswell :) i hope things turn out for the best for u!

  • Mei

    -Draws a happy smile on your face- That’s my girl :) xxx -hugies-

  • Something on my mind: asians are taking over the world…

  • Aw babe I hope you’re okay now. I have a lot of stuff on my mind right now too ugh. Hope you start posting again soon xo

  • Aww.. Hope everything is okay for you melody <3

    This relates to me soo much this past week..
    It feels like everything that I do isn't right.. or what I do is never enough..
    Everyone who had been close to me for years I feel like I have lost..
    I'm so stressed and depressed these days.. I just feel like staying in bed and never getting up. :( Nothing for me seems to be going right.. and seems like it gets worse and worse each day + my hw pile seems to get bigger and bigger everyday :( I don't think I've done anything wrong but..*sigh* I'm just so sad these days and so unmotiated to do anything :(

    omg LOL i wrote too much.. I'm probs just being overdramatic about everything..but yeh.. :/

    • melludee

      Aww, don’t think that way !
      You’re not being overdramatic at all :( ! If you want, you can always talk to me about it !
      But yeahh, try not to stress too much <3 Things will eventually get better soon mhmm ? Try think about the positive things xo

  • Aww Melody I feel so bad… I had no idea that you’ve been feeling down :( But what ever it is that has caused you to feel this way, I hope you stay strong and become cheerful again very soon <3 You know I love you dear, I'll be here if you ever need someone to talk to!

    • melludee

      Whyyy! Don’t feel bad :(
      I bet a tonne of people didn’t know ahah xP so don’t stress over that mhmm. And thank youuuu <3 love you heaps xo

  • kim

    oh, I’m feeling down atm too TT^TT
    I feel want to cry! sob…
    I just got a surgery week ago and my BF was so mean the day after! he said such a painful things and shout at me =(
    I don’t think our relationship will last. and some ppl keep stealing my pic on blogspot without even ask and they didn’t even write the credit… aaah I haaate it >.<
    I tried some IP blocking too for those stealers but they won't stop! aaw.. =(

    • melludee

      Arghhhhhh >_____< Anytime you want, you can talk to me about it ahuh :( Rant all you like ! Sighhh. Try not to think about the negatives ahuh :( Focus on the positive <3 <3 <3

  • Cheer up and stay happy sweetie <3

  • Thy

    cheer up! i hope you stay strong. i had bad moments too. Things are going very down for me…

  • hope your okay melody :) <3
    "don't worry, be happy" ^__^

  • Huy

    Dawwww.. *hugs* Cheer up buddy!
    i hope Morning comes to you very soon,

  • hey melody, i miss you so much from the blogosphere! I don’t have twitter so I never follow any of your updates there. :( As far as I am concern, this relates to me so much for the past week, didn’t have anyone to talk to but only suck it in all to myself, saw a couple of comments too who went through the same. :)
    remember you always have us, random people who will always be there to support you <3

    • melludee

      I miss you heaps toooo <3
      And :( you know even if you don’t have a twitter, you can always contact me yehh :D ? Facebook or Email anything <3 I hope you’re feeling better soon xo and thank youuuu <3

  • Glad you are happy! ^^

    I always have too much on my mind?

  • Thanks for commenting and Queen’s Day!

  • Mel, your post comes in at the right time. I haven’t been feeling very well the past few weeks. Felt (still feel) like crying more than half of the time. Stress, personal issues, tiredness, just a mere sense of losing myself while trying to do good to others, all this is causing me confusion and sadness. But I still believe things will get better, your post is an imaginative pat on the back. Thank you hunnie.

    I hope you’ll feel better soon Melody, a beautiful morning will come :D

    • melludee

      I’m glad that this post helped youuuu <3
      And hopefully you feel better soon mm ;___; ! Talk to me anytime if you need too kayyy? love youu xo

  • kim

    thx Melludee, u’re so kind, u can talk to me anytime u feel like it too =D …we girls ARE strong ^^ I don’t want to be a sober too…=)

  • KT

    Hehe, I was happy posting, but then later yesterday was sooooo opposite. Lately it’s been a roller coaster: something good happens, something equally bad happens. Something awful happens, something equally amazing happens. Yesterday we were all set to buy our dream car. It was a 2007 Prius Hybrid, with TONS of features, including the back-up camera, and for around $17,800! On another lot we found the ’08 version minus the amazing features for like, $19k something @__@ But of course, since I don’t have my license and my boyfriend’s credit isn’t as good as mine, we had to walk out. After being there for what, 3 hours?? Waste of time… and we might’ve lost our chance on a SMART car deal for $14,500 out the door. :(

    For a while you’re happy, then the same amount of time passes afterwards with everything going wrong. I guess that’s life right now, but hopefully everything will be a lot better soon for all of us! I’m sorry for the long rant >_<;; Feel free to rant back at me LOL

    Right now, my boyfriend is pretty much passed out on the floor. I think I'm going to sneak out and surprise him with pho. That'll definitely boost both our spirits back up I think. :)

    • melludee

      Ahh FEEL FREE TO RANT AT ME ANYTIME <3 By email or comments or anythingg :3
      I’ll be sure to take up your offer when I need it teehe. And ahhhh, life seems to be filled with roller coasters ;__; Lets just hope we don’t fall out of our seats ahhaa. But mmmm, pho …damn, I’m kind of hungry lol xD

  • Awwww :(. This post made me sad. But happy. I don’t know. BALANCE I GUESS.

    But you are one of the sweetest virtual friends I have, so I hope all is well. You’re so right – everyone gets the blues. I hope yours go away. Stay happy and optomistic about life. Look at the sun. Smile at strangers.

    “If you want to be happy, be.” – Sam Levenson.


    • melludee

      Nawwwww <3 You’re def one of the awesomest blogger friends I haveeee !
      And thank you heapsss for that quote :D I WILL AIM TO BE HAPPY HAPPY HAPPYYYYY <3

  • Great post Melody :) And very well written too. I have to agree with a lot of the things you said. Sometimes things go the way we want them to and other times they don’t, but I am a firm believer as well that everything happens for a reason. We can’t control how things will happen so we can only do our best to cope when the time comes. Glad to hear you are still so optimistic despite what happened :)

    • melludee

      Thank youuuu!
      I agree with those sentiments too. I really do think things happen for a reason, so we just gotta deal with the negative aspects of that haha. But thanks again ! x

  • I’m not gonna say much here cuz WE NEED TO CHAT girl, and tell me everything!! Miss you so much :(

  • Hey Melody sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling very well. I know we aren’t really that close but if you need anything/ someone to talk to I’m here for you. I had depression for a good 7 years so I know the feeling and I have escaped it so my entire life is kind of proof that all bad things end. I truly believe the happiness was worth waiting for.

    It is a really bad time of year, the weathers getting colder and exam time is getting closer, so its all really understandable and longical. Please take care of yours and do remember you have a lot of friends who really care about you and are willing to help you out.

    • melludee

      Sammiiiii~! <3 Thank you heapsss for that >.< Ahhh, you’re such a sweetie for offering an ear when I need and I’ll def take up the offer if it seems like I need it ! You should also know that I’m here for you anytime that you need a hand, an ear or …anything really mm ! I love you heapsss ! xo

  • logical* like instead of longical XD

  • Linh

    haha okay thanks why did you changed ? :’D

  • hiii melodyyy :) from a long time reader haha
    aw hope you feeling better now, sweet girl!!


  • you aren’t alone melody. i have been feeling quite down lately too. if you have time go scroll down my blog to see why. :/ i’ve been trying to keep myself pre occupied lately so i won’t get depressed but posts like this help.

    hugs to you! <3

    • melludee

      Aww >.< I hope you feel better soon~! I’ll check out your post too T-T” *hugshugs* <3 talk to me anytimee ahuhhh !

  • Thank you for the post! I really needed that! ^_^ I have APD (avoidant personality disorder), so it makes everything ten times harder for me in the whole romantic business.
    I really like your blog. It’s cute and uplifting. And you seem to be really nice, considering you take the time to answer everyone! If my blog ever goes big, I hope I can be as modest as you.

    • melludee

      Aww, your words are really kind >__< Thank youuu! And ahhh, it must be really hard having APD; but just keep going strong <3 And I wish you heaps and heaps of luck for everything! Also, you can always talk to me any time you need to :) xo

  • P o o p e r

    ;___________________; … I’ve mentioned soooo many times how much I love these kind of posts that you write. I do, it really made my day coming on here and reading this. I’m so grateful to have read this, I hope your day today and tomorrow, and the upcoming days after tomorrow will be filled with beautiful and memorable moments! Thank you for this! ^-^

    • melludee

      Ahhhhhh I’m really glad it made you happpyyy T~T I miss you heappssss !!! (I still gotta send your stuff out lol)
      And ahhh, but thank you heaps <3 I love youu!

  • Melody~ Stay positive girl! You’re a great person, for sure things will work great for you. I really like the text of this post, it’s so uplifting. Thank You so much. I don’t know why but I’ve been quite sad for the past monthS. I know it’s sad but it’s not that anyone’s making me sad but it’s actually myself who is making myself sad. It’s like i’m putting myself in my own cage; not letting myself move on and forget the past. Is it really possible to forget & move on? Would it be in a long run? It’s probably easy to say but definitely difficult to do. Anyway, I hope things will work out for you! Cheers! & sorryy for the novel like comment. :)


    • melludee

      Ahhhh. Thank you heaps for writing a comment like this !
      I’m glad that I could make you smile even if it’s just a little. And I really hope that everything works themselves out soon. If you want to talk further about anything, don’t be afraid to email me okay? <3 Stay stronggg ! x

  • frostedsnow

    sometimes, staying stress free itself is just such a challenge.
    and you’re such a cutie~!

  • Hi Melody! Life has ups and downs, as we cant control them. Later on you would find out there are even more things we cant control as we get even older lol. I dont mean to be a downer but now should be the time being happiest! Keep you head up girl. I know you can get through this <3

  • ATP

    it’s hard to keep your chin up when you have no chin!

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