I♥Beauty Lucky Draw!

Hey everyone~! Just a quick update to let everyone know about KkCenterHk’s I♥Beauty Lucky Draw ! So please read the following instructions and enterr in to this awesome competition! Just click on the image below to find out exactly how to enter!

Hello, all the beauties. Have […]

Outfit: Polka Dot~

I bought these stockings on impulse (on eBay) and I really really wanted to wear them out but I had no idea what I was going to wear them with … so I decided to just throw them on one morning with nothing particular in mind. Ahaaaa. I’m not really sure if I […]

Back to School Competition

I tried to do Ling’s Mannequin Fashion Challenge today, but failed miserably because I didn’t have any of those type of clothes ! (Except the stockings and skirts :/) haha. I guess it’s just not my type of clothing (?) Ahh. But everyone please go try out her challenge! It’s really fun and […]