Handwriting Tag

Here’s hoping that this will begin to show up in your dashboards ^-^”! But anyway, I was tagged by Marie, Yumeko and Bunny to do the handwriting tag the other day, so here it is ! ♥ Yes yes, I promise I’ll be doing proper posts super super soon! But hereeee is what […]


Hey everyone ~! ♥ If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve moved to a different web host and hence changed my layout ^-^”! I’m now on wordpress; hence the commenting system is different~ I’m trying to implement a blogger login commenting system but it doesn’t seem like a working plugin is out yet … […]

Review: EOS Diamond Brown

Hiiiii wonderful people. As promised, I’ve got a contact lens review from mukuCHU for today ! I’ve already delayed this for quite a bit because my eyes have been a bit red lately (you can tell that they still kind of are) so I stopped wearing lenses for like two weeks :\ But I don’t like to […]