Review: EOS Candy Color Pink

So, Uni is about to start and I really don’t want it to but ..ah wells~ ヽ(`Д´)ノ Anyway, I told you all that I attended a wedding last week! Unfortunately, I didn’t get that many photos because I was in a bad spot for taking photos and well yeah~ So here’s a nice photo of […]

Hard Work as a Maid

For those who follow me on twitter, you all should know that I spent my Wednesday at my University’s (Monash) O-Week promoting the Anime Club~! (so if you’re going to Monash, come check us out!).

Please join the Anime clubbbbbb. Onegaiiiiiiiiiii~! (lul jokes, i didn’t talk like that …no way haha)

I cosplayed as […]

Crazy Colourful

The other week, Lexy posted about a blog daring her readers to wear five colours in one outfit; and I stupidly accepted her challenge rofl. Basically, it seemed like an easy challenge right? Cept, I’m used to wearing monochrome colours and such … but anyway, here are pictures from my attempt. In this I am […]