Stockings and Foundation

Hello beautiful! :)  Apart from sleeping in and surfing the net for ages; I haven’t really been up to much since the holidays began. Well, truth be told, I’ve been working on a few things for my blog and for someone special!   But yay~ I went out to the shops today in theseeee gorgeous 3/4 […]

Stereotypes: I’m Blueeee…

More often than not, people are generally stereotyped in to groups and then judged.

I bought a blue wig the other day because I’ve always liked blue hair but never wanted to bleach my hair to get it to something this bright. And, it’s kind of fun to put on a wig and just be […]

Magnum Temptation: Win $1000 !

Seek Your Ultimate Pleasure with Magnum Temptation Competition

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Do you ever feel stressed out by all the work and the troubles in life? Ever wanted to indulge in something so badly but know that only a miracle could make that occur at that very moment? I know I have. […]