Exam Time

It’s that time of the year where exams are just around the corner, and the fun and games that everyone seeks is restricted because of “studying” and “stressing” about exams. I’m currently on SWOT Vac (Study without Teaching Vacation) – basically it’s just the time between University ending and exams commencing. The time in which […]


After all the junk food that Vu and I ate, we went swimming yesterday. Unfortunately, because my belongings would be unattended for a few hours while I was in a pool; I chose not to bring my camera hence the photos taken were at home or with my mobile phone. (Yes, there were lockers to […]


The weather in Melbourne has been so nice recently; it’s sunny and warm and the blue skies are gorgeous ! The only problem with this is that …is I’m more inclined to sit outside and do nothing instead of studying for my upcoming exams. Urghhhhh. Does NOT want exams :( It would also seem that Vu […]