Wishlist 2010

Every single year, people ask me to write a wish list that isn’t “hard” because I somehow write things that are impossible to obtain(?) Or at least our of people’s price range(?) I’m not sure why I do that ..I think it’s just a habit *-*! But anyways, I thought because my birthday is next Sunday, I’d just write a small wish list that will be ambiguous and vague as usual *-*! (except for the hard to obtain ones x3

1. Wacom Cintiq 21UX Tablet

Yup, I’m going to start this with a really really hard to get one. Even my parents don’t want to get this for me which is saying something x) ! But yeah, this is AMAZING. I love how it’s direct to screen contact *-*!! I don’t have a tablet yet ..mainly because I want this one and my parents just give up on the idea ;) But yeah ♥
2. Bento Boxes / Bento Making Kits

I’ve recently (okay not so recently ..) been in to making Bentos and making them all look really pretty and stuff. So, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on cuter bento boxes and nori cutters and etc ♥-♥! They’re so cuteeee!

3. Arashi-related Items

I’m sure most people, if not all my friends, know that I’m not really a fan of any bands or musicians …except Arashi. They were the first band / idol group that I really got into. I love them to extreme. Hence, I’d love albums, CDS, posters, magazines, uchiwas, fanstraps ..etc ♥

4. Lolita-related Itemss.

Yeah. This section is hard and easy at the same time. The hard stuff would be the dresses, skirts and the shoes and etc. And then the easy would just be the cute hair ribbons and well, any sort of cute accessory ! Oh, this also includes awesome magazines like Ageha and Gothic/Lolita Bible!
5. Copic Markers

Any sort of artist would know what these are *-*! They are AMAZING. Unfortunately, they cost a bunch and they don’t really sell them locally around here :( ! I saw them selling at Manifest but they were just too expensive that I didn’t get any!

6. Dolce&Gabbanna – Rose, The One Perfume.

If you saw my earlier blog post about my perfume collection, you would understand why I want this perfume. I’ve had my eye on it for ages but I haven’t yet to get it, and I just loveeee it. But then again, I pretty much love all perfumes (except those disgusting cheap ones that smell funky …)

7. A Cute Bag

This includes these two pictures displayed here, and also any cute sling over bag that helps store all my things *-* It also includes clutches and purses ..and well, anything that was made to carry things around ♥

8. Beauty/Makeup Related-Items
I guess I’ve only recently been in to these type of things. Sure, I’ve always read blogs about them and adored from afar, but I’ve only just started using makeup and doing my hair and etc. But yeah, I’d love to have anything. Face masks, Nail Polishes, Fake Eyelashes, Blushes, Nail Art and etc.
9. Random Cute/Useless Things
I told you my wish list would contain random vague content! But um, this would include any sort of randomly cute object that you would think I’d like. Like, minature food ♥, jewellery, hair pins, accessories, ornaments, stickers, note books, pens, fans, hats etc
10. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10
This is the camera that was being advertised by Nuffnang, and I kind of fell in love with it. It’s another impossible, and what better way to end a Wish List? I don’t expect anyone to buy this at all, but I thought it’d just be nice to let everyone know this is awesome. I have a feeling my parents are buying this for me though(?) I could be wrong though ;A; 

Honestly though(?) I find that presents that are thoughtful and meaningful are way better than something pricey and showy. Sure, I’d love to get an expensive camera or that 1k tablet, but nothing beats having a box filled with small, cheap cute things to adore over
♥ ♥ ♥
I’m not expecting anyone to really buy me anything but I love to dream *-*
What’s on your wish list this year girls/guys ?

There’s also things that I hate receiving for presents. I guess, the first thing would be any sort of food? I’m really in to the idea of “everlasting” gifts and food ..disappears so fast :(

© All pictures were taken from google images and I hold on right over them.

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18 comments to Wishlist 2010

  • Exuvalia

    Yeah, same here. I don't like receiving food as presents, unless it's food that my friend baked/made specially for me. That's another thing. Anyway, thanks for sharing your wish-list. I'm pretty fussy about what I like, so it makes it hard for people to know what to get me for my Birthday/Christmas.

  • TheMadTwins

    what an amazing wish list ^__^
    I would love to have those two lolita dresses O.O
    they're sooooo pretty ^__^


  • Mei

    I have a wishlist of my own with no end of it. I want so many things!
    Me also wants the #2, 5, 7 and 9.

  • Isabel

    Lol I'm the opposite of you. I wouldn't mind receiving food, as long as it's food I like (ice cream!) as buying presents for me can be hard. I'm rather picky with things I want so to avoid getting something I don't want & then feel guilty about not liking a present then chucking it into some dark corner, yes, I'll prefer food lol

  • Elisa Lee

    omg, I love those bags <3 and I've always wanted a miumiu bag <3 light brown version <3

  • Jennifer :) ~

    nice list! i'm really curious about the copic markers, never heard of them before
    i also like the panasonic lumix camera and arashi :)

    i'mm sure you'll be spoilt rotten on your special day :D

  • Kura

    Copic markers are absolutely loveeee <3
    But totally agree that they are damn expensive :C (Also very limited stock over here like only seen the fat Copics around here at $8-11 each but no Copic ciao or sketch which have the brush nibs ;u; )
    You can also perhaps try looking for Touch markers? They work just as well + are a bit cheaper~
    However they have less shades than Copic :>
    I've heard of others like Prismamarkers (?) or something else but I only know a bit about Touch + Copic xDD

    And that tabletttt *_____* <3333 *wants even though she doesn't know how to use one* Hahahaha

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I want the markers, tablet and Lolita items! I haven't even gotten my first Lolita dress! ^-^

  • Tezza

    ;) ;)

    that tablet looks so awesome, i have a tablet but it doesnt have a screen like that pro one haha

    those lolita dresses are SO gorgeous too!

  • petitechouxx

    love your wishlist! #1, #4, #7, and #8!

    i don't really know what i want. Maybe books about cuisine, tickets to Japan, clothes, …

  • Anonymous

    i wud love a camera tooo but i'm pretty sure i'm not getting one and i have to save up for it myself haha
    but i dont really want anythign for my bday i dont really wan to celebrate this yr i feel like just letting it go, mayb next yr or the yr after i i might celebrate but this year i'll be overseas and mum i get to shop LOTS… on my own hard earned money so thats my wishist and yaeee i am going overseas i do have money saved up for alll the shopping and mum and dad r payign for flights and accomodation so YAEEE haha now for the camera!
    i agree- i like thoughtful things on my bday if i do celebrate, like a bunch of ballons with funny things written on them, a box with confetti in the shape of my name in it, just generally thoughtful things, i don't want expensive stuff i can save up and buy that myself.
    <3 bhav

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    Clothes are always on my wish list. Can never have enough clothes.

    A big thing for me right now is a car. That I doubt anyone can get me unless they win the lottery. I plan to get that for myself in two months.

    I'd really like a new iPod touch as well, mine is only 8GB and it's not enough anymore u____u'' But that is also quite expensive.

  • Naka

    nice wishlist ^^ and im happy the package got u safely they told me it was going to take ages!! :p

  • P o o p e r

    Miniature foooooood! *o* Awww man I love the miniature foods, they're so freaking cute! I have only two sets that I bought years back and I keep them in a small container in fear of losing any pieces! ;-; (I can't stop looking at that picture you posted of all the cute little miniature items. @_@)

    Haha, keep bugging your parents until they get you this tablet! xD I hope that maybe between your parents, and other loved ones they could combine money and maybe they could surprise you with this tablet for by around christmas or this tablet can be the gift for the next 3 christmas-es! (That'll be crazy though XD)

    What's on my wishlist … I would love to get some more lolita accessories, and dresses. I would also want more makeup too, more cute figurines, practically just like your list! As girls we want every girly thing as possible.

  • Lily

    O: I've always wanted to get a tablet! But since they're expensive, I never did. xD

    I want to get a new iPod. P: And a new camera. xD

  • ipehishere

    haha i have that perfumeee :D
    smeels soo good ! u should have it :)

    i want a new macbook! :D

  • catherine

    ohai :)

    the cheapest copics i found in melb are the ones in RMIT bookshop on little lonsdale st, around $7 each :) if you're looking into getting copic ciao markers however the eckersleys on franklin st, melb sells it for i think around $7 too :)

    and god, that tablet is awesome.

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