Bloggers – China Bar Buffet

As many of you would know, I had my bloggers meetup for my birthday yesterday. Except only four of us in the photo are bloggers ! But that’s all good because I still had heaps of fun with these awesome people :D ! ♥ From left to right (around the table) ; Tam, Ben, Steve, […]

You’ve got Mail

I received Naka‘s package sometime last week in the mail, but because I’ve been really busy, I haven’t been able to tell you all about how awesome she is! ♥I was really excited to see Naka’s package ^-^”! I hope she receives mine soon:)Anyways, this was what was in the awesome package!An awesome cupcake card […]

Wishlist 2010

Every single year, people ask me to write a wish list that isn’t “hard” because I somehow write things that are impossible to obtain(?) Or at least our of people’s price range(?) I’m not sure why I do that ..I think it’s just a habit *-*! But anyways, I thought because my birthday is next […]