Birthday Planning.

So, it turns out that my internet got uncapped a day early!! :)I’ve got a Midsemester Test tomorrow for Molecular Biology. The fact is, I am NOT ready. I haven’t been to the majority of the lectures, nor have I listened to them. I really hope I don’t fail. But that’s something to worry about […]


This is just for update purposes.I want to follow your blogs / comment your blogs / blog but my internet at home is currently ‘capped’ (meaning I’ve used all the month’s download) so it makes loading pages rather difficult. With the new month (1st September) begins my new internet download – so I’ll be updating […]

Beauty is Subjective.

I believe that everything and everyone can be beautiful in their own way – depending on how you look at it. And although to one person something may be ugly or unappealing; I believe that there is someone else out there who finds the very same thing beautiful. It may not be very obvious to […]