Straight or Curled

I said I wasn’t going to blog but I couldn’t help it.AND NOW IT IS 12:04AM THE NEXT DAY AND ISN’T COUNTED ..but I’m going to cheat and just make the date go backwards …okay? I’m sure you guys won’t mind ^-^?♥ ♥ ♥Um. I didn’t get time to take any photos today because Vu […]

Outfit: Red and Grey

In my 6 hour break today, Vu and I decided to go to Chadstone Shopping Centre again. After reading my post yesterday, my lovely boyfriend took me shopping and bought me some very yummy food! But because photo transfer at the moment is slow and annoying. (Vu’s camera) Here is just what I wore for […]

I want..

I think I’m still sick in some sort of way because I’m tired all the time and I just feel weak. But yeah, I skipped a lecture today and fell asleep in my breaks. But yeah, which means no recent photos to post T-T Sorry.I have a strange urge to eat gelato or some sort […]