Yup. I just spent today working on this new layout C: !I also added some items that I’m selling in the For Sale section which can be located in the link just above this post !! Oh and, now because this is no longer a ‘classic template’ you can actually view ‘older entries’ and ‘follow […]

Old pics of Food C:

EXAMS ARE FINALLY ALL OVER!Although, I don’t really feel much of a difference because I’ve been kind of treating this entire exam period as my own personal holiday :| But in any case I can procrastinate and do nothing without feeling any sort of guilt C: !I don’t have any photos to post that […]

Selling things :B

Biomedical Science Unit Exams are …OUT OF THE WAY!Now, because the only thing left I have to do is my Japanese 5 exam – which to me at the moment doesn’t really seem as intimidating and as scary as the rest of my exams ..I am going to relax :B And in the next few […]