A Beautiful Thursday

As always ..this post is very late.On the 20th of May (10 days ago :/) Vu and I decided to make another trip to the city, where we spent a lot of money …on food. But never mind, all that money on food just means lots of photos of food for this blog here! ♥We […]

Compilation Post!

Okay, this is a super super late post.I was really supposed to have blogged this last week but I ended up procrastinating and not doing so :/ and then a whole bunch of things happened so I’m just going to cram it all in to this one post!! :DFRIDAY 14th MAY The day started off […]

My Perfume Empire

My precious, precious perfumes … Most people, if not all people would have something they like to collect or just like to buy. Like something that they are so addicted to, that they just want to fill their house with it. Some people would like comics, others would like shoes, but for my family and […]