So I was going to blog about the Chinese New Year festival that was held at Glen Waverley today, and about how I hate Lion Dances/Fire Crackers because they freak me out….BUT because Irene is so awesome and I love her and she gave me AAA’o8 …I will blog about this instead!THANK YOU IRENE LOVEI […]


I decided to go to Orientation week at Monash University today! :)I woke up at 6.50am (which by the way was probably the earliest I’ve waken since high school finished :I) and checked to see if my timetable was up yet! It wasn’t ..(it was supposed to come out at 7am) ..ready till around 7.50am […]

The Awesome Dinner!

I was pretty much supposed to blog about this ..two days ago? But it was late because I uhm, became lazy and kind of forgot about it. But yes, on Wednesday 17th, a whole lot of us gathered at Rachel’s for dinner:) However, James, Gumji and I turned up early to cook :DThe first meal […]