2014 Blogger Kris Kringle

Hello hello! Yes, it is that time of the year again – Kris Kringle timeeeee!
This year, I’m blessed to be joined by two lovely ladies, Jennifer and Jasmine to help me run this shindig ♥


For those who haven’t participated in a Kris Kringle before, I’ll give a quick explanation on how it’s all done.
Pretty much, each person who have decided to partake in this will be randomly given another name in the group to buy a gift for. In the end, each person will have bought a gift for someone and will receive a gift from someone else in the group! It’s a super fun Christmas tradition and a great way to meet new people in the blogosphere!



Look how cute my awesome blogger friends are ♥ But yes, just like last year, we will be opening this Blogger Kris Kringle to international bloggers as well! Please make sure you read the details carefully when filling the form out!

If you would like to join, please fill the form below by AEST 11:59pm 30th November 2014!
(This is the same form as Jennifer’s and Jasmine’s, so you’ll only need to fill it out once)


1. You must be a blogger with a public blog
2.The minimum you must spend is $10AUD with the maximum of $20AUD
3.  You must send the package by the latest 12th December 2014!
4.  Write your name/blog address on a card in the package! (It’s fun to make new friends!)

Disclaimer: Your postal address won’t be shared with anyone except the person buying a present for you!

We’re all super excited for this to happen again! It’s an excellent way to connect with new bloggers and a great way to spread the Christmas love, so if you’re hesitant about joining in, please don’t! It’s heaps of fun and something you won’t regret participating in :) Please feel free to share the above image around by posting it on your sidebars :)

If you have any questions or worries, please feel free to contact one of us!!

 ♥    ♥  

Australia Pax Day 1

Hello! So this post is slightly late, mainly because after such an amazing weekend, we had to catch up on the ‘real world’. As mentioned in last year’s PAX post, we were super keen to go this year and purchased a 3 day pass as soon as they started selling tickets on their website (I might have done this during work sneakily).


Forgetting that normal people still had work (I took annual leave), I arrived at Ash’s house slightly late due to peak hour traffic. Not that it really mattered anyway -_- Ash wasn’t ready and Lawrence hadn’t arrived yet. After grabbing Huff for brekky, we began our drive to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. I would like to quickly mention that the new location was a humongous upgrade and just a whole lot better than last year’s Showgrounds.


The first thing that we had planned to do was attend a panel at 11am titled ‘How to Win Every Game‘. Now, as usual, we were running late lol. After parking, Ashley pretty much sprinted to hopefully get in on time (I slowly caught up to him). Unfortunately, Ash didn’t realise you needed to get the R18+ wristbands to get in the panel (even though the panel wasn’t R18+) so he had to run all the way back down and up two flights of stairs so he could be let in lol. Even though this wasn’t a large and popular panel, it was still freaking amazing. It was run by a guy named Rym who was an exceptional public speaker. He delivered an entertaining overview of some points of game theory, psychology and other random theories, all with the aim of applying them to winning every tabletop AND video game ever.

The panel ended and Ash was pretty happy at how it went, so he dragged me in to another nearby panel that he preplanned – “The Golden Age of Tabletop Gaming“. For some crazy reason, he wanted to sit in the front row…which turned out to be a bad move as the panel didn’t interest us and we couldn’t leave without looking rude ….SIGH! So what was so crap about this panel? Well, among many of the things he did say, one of his scintillating revelations was the recent spike in sales of boardgames at Target…. DAS GR8 THX M8!


It was finally time for lunch so of course, when we saw Baby Burgers (see here) we decided to get it! Unfortunately for us, their menu had changed and there was no dericious ‘Classic Baby’ for us to order :(  Instead, there was new burger (was some video game themed name but forgot what it was) which was alright but we both preferred their previous offerings. On the bright side, the chips and dip still tasted great! ♥

After eating, we finally headed towards the Expo Hall!!! *_* Wooo As always, this is clearly my favourite part of most conventions – especially PAX. There’s always just so many things to see, play and do. We wondered around for a bit, bumping in to friends here and there. But more importantly, we got to play games woo! Notable games that we played on Day 1 would be: Hand of Fate and Black Annex!


Celine and Martin, as always, doing amazing LoL cosplays of Riven and Talon!
Yep, these are about the only cosplays I took photos of since I’m too shy to ask randoms for photos :P


Our next panel was ‘Bioware: Stories You Can Play’ at 5:30pm, but we anticipated that lines would get crazy long with the imminent release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, so we headed to the Bioware Panel 1.5 hours early to ensure we got seats. It was no surprise that there was already a line, but thankfully we were still in the first handful of people who were lining up! About an hour in, the line was so freaking huge that it hit the other stairwell in the Exhib centre (attempted picture below)… we might have laughed at the incredulous looks on all the late comers faces when they were told to go all the way to the other side of the line lol. #earlybirdgetsgoodseats

Thankfully, all that waiting did get us good seats that were approximately 5-7 rows from the front! Woo.



The Bioware Boys : (L-R) Mike Laidlaw (Creative Director), Aidan Scanlan (Assistant Director of Design), Devon Gardner (Desktop Support) and Mark Wilson (Lead Technical Designer)

As possibly the pre-eminent storytellers in the industry, the boys from Bioware gave us a run down on story delivery in video games. Using their back catalogue – which itself paints a vivid tapestry of the western rpg – as a basis for discussion, starting from their inception with Baldur’s gate and all the way through to the present with Dragon Age: Inquisition, they explained how their narrative methods changed as technology updated. Of note, when Mike Laidlaw asked his Bioware buddies what their favourite use of ‘storytelling’ in a game was (excluding their own of course), each chose an indie! It was definitely an interesting panel, and if you would like to see it then you can over HERE!


After the panel ended, we headed off home. It would’ve been great to have stay at PAX longer on the Friday, but we had a post-PAX party waiting for us at Ash’s! After binging on KFC, the boys sat down to play 4-player Gauntlet as they were all too tired to play any sort of strategical board game, while I played Injustice on my PS Vita.

Remembering that I had to wake up early for Day 2, I fell asleep quite quickly :P
And that’s it for  Day 1. PAX DAY 2 will be up sooooon! (Quick shout out to Ash for helping me with this post)

♥ Birthday Hairrrrr

Hello hello! After holding out for a whole year, I finally got my hair dyed professionally again!
I’ve been really tempted to head to the hairdresser to dye it a couple times over the past year but the thought of all that $$$ coming out at once stopped me!! But as it was my birthday last week, I could finally spoil myself woooo

Now …the only problem was that I was meaning to cosplay as P3P’s FemC for Pax. Woops?
On that note, one of the Kinder kids at my work told me I looked like Ariel ♥ #bestmomentever

#TwinsButNot Birthday siblings : I might’ve forced him to take pics with me because my hair looked good mwahaha 

Anyway, I had a lovely birthday last week and was absolutely spoilt by my amazing loved ones ♥
I’ll do my proper dedication post to everyone eventually, but here’s a quick shout out to everyone who made my birthday so special with their love, hugs, presents, messages and well wishes!! xxx

Wishlist 2014

Hello! Oh my glob. I cannot believe that my birthday is actually next week.
I am going to ignore the fact that this means I’m steadily becoming an old fart. Anyway, as per tradition (2010,2011,2012,2013) here is my wishlist for 2014! Not going to lie, it’s getting harder each year to find things to put in to this post that either aren’t impossible, incredibly expensive or something I just don’t want to receive haha


As always, my Anti-Wishlist still applies for!
But of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t appreciate any gift that anyone gives me! Anyone who is thoughtful enough to give me any sort of present for my birthday will receive my love and gratitude foreverrrrr! ♥

Really though, I’m a simple girl that loves the usual girly stuff!


Review: Kyma Restaurant

      Hi! I’ve been meaning to post about our experience at Kyma for awhile now, so here goes!
I’m a huge fan of Scoopon and Groupon, so when Ashley asked me to get a 10 Course Greek Mezze Feast in St Kilda, I was more than happy to! We eat Greek food quite often at various places, so we were excited to try this fairly highly rated Urbanspoon restaurant. Now, I’ve had various experiences with dining on a voucher – most have been pretty great but there have been a couple that were disappointing. However, this was probably the worst dining experience that I’ve had.


I’m uncertain whether this review would’ve been more positive if we had visited not on a voucher (probably not), but I don’t think that should matter either way. If you’re going to offer a deal on Groupon/Scoopon, then you shouldn’t treat your customers any different whether they’re dining on a voucher or are a regular full paying customer.

So firstly, I tried to book a table for dinner approximately 2-3 weeks before the voucher expired.
The lady who picked up was extremely rude and told me that they were booked out for weeks, and only had limited space on weekdays. She also decided to tell me that it was my fault for not booking way earlier :/ Um…okay. Rude but okay…. Disheartened, I said I’d have to check my schedule and call back. With work and uni clashes, Ashley and I had to try to figure a date we’d both be free for this damn $49 meal. The second time around, Ashley called them on a Wednesday and I have no idea who picked up but he got an easy booking for that night – no questions asked.
What the hell happened to being booked out for ages?! Ugh. Whatever…


Course 1: Taramosalata (cavier) dip with warm pita bread

We arrived to dinner on time… to an empty restaurant – no waitress in sight? 
We walked in a bit further to see if we could locate someone, only for a chef to emerge and tell us rudely to just wait. A dark haired waitress popped up not too long after and showed us to our seats before disappearing again??? Apparently a couple of customers had showed up so she went over to serve them for awhile. Since we were on a Scoopon, we didn’t have the option to change or choose anything on the menu so I guess it was fine that she didn’t entertain us. Except, we were really after some drinks. We tried to get her attention a few times whilst she entertained other customers. She seemed to be the only waitress, so we waited and waited until she finally took our drink orders.

Not too long after our drinks came out, followed by a rush of 3 plates of food! Woahwee.


Course 2: Grilled saganaki (goat cheese)


Course 3,4,5: Greek style fried calamari, Prawn cutlet skewers and Scallop Skewers

We were suddenly worried that all 10 of courses would pop out one after another, and that we wouldn’t have time to enjoy each of them! But luckily, she was too busy with a large group of people trying to celebrate someone’s birthday.

The pita bread was absolutely delicious. It had a nice drizzle of olive oil on it which most places don’t usually do, and we were both really happy with it. The taramosalata (cavier) dip that came with it was extremely sour and just wasn’t as good. I’ve had pretty amazing cavier dips before so this was a little disappointing :( Still tankable though!

Now, I’ve never really enjoyed Saganaki (grilled goat cheese) but Ashley absolutely loves it. His opinion on it was that it was fairly average – nothing he would say was extremely delicious but still good enough for him to eat.

Now thirdly, the “seafood plate”, which if you look at the Scoopon Deal counts for 3 different courses – greek styled fried calamari, prawn cutlet skewers and scallop skewers. There was octopus on the plate too!! even though it wasn’t written on their deal. It was deep fried octopus too, which I enjoy :D The seafood was alright, but I’m not going to lie – it wasn’t any better than what I’ve bought from our local Fish & Chip shop in the past before haha.


I should mention that at this point, we’ve been silently watching the waitress hurry around to try serve 2-3 different tables scattered around their fairly large restaurant. Whilst comical, it didn’t seem very professional for her to be running up and down serving everyone haha. Anyway, quite an amount of time has passed since we’ve had our first few dishes. We’re actually kind of getting a little bored, hence the two random photos of us just above hehe.

About 40 minutes passed, and our main courses started arriving one by one! Woohoo.
By now, Ashley was excited as meat is kind of his thing and he can get quite particular about how they’re cooked.


Course 6, 7, 8: Lamb Skewers, Chicken Skewers, Scotch Lean Pork Skewers,

The meat…..was cold. This is probably one of the most annoying things you can receive at a restaurant >:I
Considering we waited quite awhile for this, we were hoping that it was being freshly cooked but… I guess not. From our observations, it seemed that there was only one cook and one waitress. Now the only assumption we can make is that, our food was not served immediately after being cooked, hence it becoming cold. Mmm. Other than it being cold, the meat was fairly average tasting except the pork. The pork had the weirdest after taste and we were unable to eat it at all lol.
Note: Having any sort of meat on top of cold tzatziki isn’t a good idea…


Course 9: Horiatikies Patates Tiyanites (fried home-made chunky chips)


Course 10: Horiatiki salata (old style Greek village salad)

The home-made chunky chips were fairly okay. It might just be personal preference, but they needed to be salted a lot more, plus cooked for slightly longer. But that’s just our personal preference maybe.

Okay. I normally LOVEEEEE Greek Salad – actually we both do. Since Ashley is the bigger meat eater, I tend to eat more of the salad than the meat but omg. This was the FIRST TIME we have never finished a Greek salad urgh. So, what was so wrong about this salad? It tasted like FRIDGE. I understand that you might need to refrigerate your vegetables prior to serving, but these literally had that ‘been in the fridge for too long and not fresh anymore’ taste. It was damn cold and just yuck yuck yuck. The feta cheese was SO HARD that I couldn’t even crumble it for awhile. So upset.

ANYWAY. It took awhile for the mains to be cleared off the table, but that’s prob because we didn’t eat much of it..
So, this is probably one of the most ridiculous bits about the night. We waited an HOUR for tour dessert. One whole hour lol. We were only served the dessert plate when the group of approx 10 people left the restaurant, which err… I guess is understandable since they only had one waitress haha. During this point, Ashley and I were so bored we started looking up ‘Cryptids’ for ages lol. That kept us entertained for awhile :P I should mention that Ashley went to the bathroom and overheard an argument the waitress and cook were having in the kitchen about some ‘badly cooked food’. Hmm


Course 11: Traditional dessert platter (Hey! They can’t count! It’s 11 haha)

So, when an hour had ticked passed, we FINALLY received the plate of dessert (which by the way were all warmed up in a microwave so I have no idea what took so long for them to bring it out lol). Overall, the dessert was alright. The apple pastry and baklava were sweet and enjoyable. That square in the back was ??? It tasted like rice pudding but was okay. The strawberry sauce was nice but felt a little unnecessary, but I still tried it with everything either way :P

At this point of the night, there are only two tables left. Our table, and a table that came in probably 30 minutes ago.
Let that sink in. When we arrived, there was no one in the restaurant and yet we are somehow still there, despite there being a large group of people who arrived after us hmmmm. Anyway, the waitress seems to have calmed down a bit and has stopped running all over the restaurant. She’s even in the kitchen washing the dishes now!! Understaffed much? After washing some dishes, we watch her saunter over to the only other table being occupied by a middle aged couple, where she congratulates them for choosing a seafood dish as they make the best seafood in all of Melbourne. Um. Pretty big claim to make considering how our seafood tasted hmmm lol. I must mention that overhearing this conversation was probably the most we’ve heard her speak since we didn’t get the pleasure of any conversation until…

We went to pay for the 2 cokes that we ordered at the start of the night…
Of course she doesn’t forget about our additional purchases!! Anyway, whilst she’s counting our change, she smiles and proudly tells me that I made the “good decision” of buying the Kyma scoopon. I nearly laughed.

Will not return/10

Kyma on Urbanspoon